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Not all children’s superheroes wear capes or have super powers; some are in the agricultural industry, most especially the egg production sector and contributing their own quota to the total Nigeria egg production of 10.3 billion eggs annually.

Eggs…., simple and convenient to produce have high nutritious contents that help in the development of humans, especially children. If you are in the egg production industry, you are a superhero and you should be proud that you are contributing to making kids healthy and running around your locality. If you are not in the egg production business, you can become a part of it today and join the league of ‘superheroes’ adding your own little quota to the development of the Nigeria economy and the development of our children.

The egg production industry…, an industry that started out as a backyard system to the cage system has grown into a whole industry that involves the production of layer feeds, construction of pens, research, production of vaccines, transportation of eggs from farms to final consumers and business consumers and other industries for further processing. No matter where you belong or plan to belong, you are and will always be a superhero for making the cheapest source of protein and other nutrients available to humans, especially children.

In an online article by punch.ng in 2016, “over 2 billion people from available statistics are said to be suffering from various forms of malnutrition. It is also stated as the underlying cause of death of 2.6 million children per year, approximating to a third of child deaths globally”.

In Nigeria, the number of children suffering from malnutrition is more than 10 million. This is major reason every ‘participant’ in the egg industry is a superhero because while egg is a great source of protein, it also contains other vital nutrients that constitute a balanced diet that if fed to a child regularly and appropriately will aid in development of the child’s immune system, aid bodily growth and also aid growth of the brain.

Eggs by virtue of their nature contain all nutrients required to turn a cell into a baby chicken and this nutrients can aid the development of children and help combat malnutrition. Some major nutrients egg contains include:

1) Proteins: The main building block of the human body. A single large egg contains six grams of it.

2) Vitamin A: It plays a role in the formation and maintenance of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other vital organs like teeth and bones etc.

3) Foliate: It forms vitamin B-9 which is vital in making red blood cells and enhancing brain health. It is highly recommended for pregnant women to help prevent the foetus from developing deformities related to the brain and spine.

4) Vitamin B5, B12, B2: They aid in the usage of fats and carbohydrates to produce energy; normal function of the brain, regulates DNAs; breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats for energy production, respectively.

5) Phosphorus: It helps in the creation and development of bones and teeth.

6) Selenium: It helps the body in lots of way e.g. acting as an antioxidant (helps prevent cell damage), reducing the risk of some cancers and may protect against heart disease.

Other nutrients in the egg include: vitamin D, E, K, B6, calcium and zinc.

An egg is divided into three parts: shell, albumen, and egg yolk. The albumen is the white part that protects the egg yolk which is located in the center of the albumen. The shell is the outer brownish hard part. While most people might consider the eggshell useless, researches have shown eggshells soaked in a container of apple cider vinegar for a couple of days are a good mixture to apply on minor skin irritations or an itchy skin. In all, eggs can be called a ‘super food’ because every part of it, even the inconsumable part “eggshells” can be used as fertilizers to grow quality crops for our children and can also be mixed with Apple cider vinegar to treat minor skin irritations. This is why you are the perfect children’s superhero if you belong to this great sector. But more still needs to be done.

Many children still don’t have access to eggs. When they do, it is considered a luxury as it comes once in a while. Some have access to eggs but the eggs are of bad qualities. The average expiration range of eggs is about 3-5 weeks, longer if stored in a fridge and can last up to a year if stored in a freezer. But, the longer an egg stays without consuming it, the lesser its quality gets. Most egg vendors are guilty of selling eggs beyond their expiration date to unsuspecting customers. In this case, the eggs don’t add any nutrients to the child that takes them but instead might cause bodily harm to them like stomach upsets. For a country with large number of malnutrition cases, a super food like egg is a lifesaver and all available hands should be on deck to produce, store and sell it.

Here are a few ways you can contribute to this industry:

1) Production of quality and cheap feed and vaccines:
The less expensive feeds and vaccines are, the cheaper the overall prices of eggs get. Research ways we can stop depending on foreign feeds and start creating local feeds for our layer birds. If feeds and vaccines are produced locally and the materials to make them are sourced locally, this will make them cheaper, eggs would become cheaper and more children can afford eggs.

2) Creation of investment banks:
Are you a business person and more in love with finance? You can set up a Venture Capitalist firm whose main objective is to invest in any ventures that involve the egg production industry. You offer them your business advises and services and also invest monetarily in their venture. This gets rich fellows involved in this notable industry as they invest through you into promising ventures in the egg production industry.

3) Storage and preservation:
This is divided into two sections
a) Build preserving crates: You can build crates that chill and preserve egg for a longer period of time. This is sold to vendors and farmers.
b) Provide large storage facilities for farmers: You can help farmers store their eggs until they are ready to be sold.

4) Transportation: Provision of reliable and safe transportation solutions for farmers. Transportation is very important to allow industries, restaurants and vendors have access to quality and fresh eggs.

5) Restaurants: Make yourself available as buyers to egg farmers and set up restaurants that deal with preparing exquisitely egg related foods at a cheap price. Some egg related foods and snacks for kids you can prepare include: omelette, scrambled eggs, egg burrito, egg buns, egg pizza, egg sandwich etc.

6) Hatching of layer chicks: Make layer chicks readily available and affordable to egg farmers.

7) Inventory system: Maybe you are a computer or data person? You can create an online, safe and reliable inventory system that helps ventures in the egg production sector keep tabs and records on their products. This prevents theft and increases productivity.

8) Egg production: Participate in the engine room itself and produce quality and affordable eggs.

The goal is to make the egg production sector a lucrative one and make quality eggs as cheap as ‘sachet waters’ available to everyone, especially children anywhere and at anytime. With eggs, we can combat malnutrition and reduce it. We can raise a generation of smarter and well developed children. Become a superhero today; make a child healthier, one egg at a time.

“You can read on how to start an egg production business or layer farming business here”

We have established the fact that you don’t have to have superpowers to be a superhero to children. You can become part of the egg sector today and make our children healthier. Some nutrients present in a single egg have been discussed including reasons, why eggs might be considered a ‘super food’ and best for kids established.
We also looked at innovative ways you and I can belong to this silent but great industry today. We even took time out to satisfy our stomach and looked at various delicacies and snacks that can be made using eggs. I remain Adewale Dave and I hope I have been able to show you the role of egg production in the development of a child and why egg production should be scaled.

“We offer training periodically for those intending to start a poultry business (layer farming and broiler farming) see details here.”


Punch.ng: https://punchng.com/malnutrition-child-survival-nigeria/

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