Are you planning on starting an agribusiness?….Great industry to be in right now.

You see there is a common saying in the organization of one of my mentors who is a billionaire that says “Never assume knowledge.” As obvious as that statement is, it is a major reason why many agribusinesses fail in Africa.

Not having the skill or access to the right information, tools, network and resources and assuming that you do has led to the untimely death of many agribusinesses.

However, because you are here today, I am sure your’s is not one of those.

Businesses that have access to experts who mentors them on their journey have over 80% rate of succeeding and they create twice as many jobs as entrepreneurs without a mentor.

Why You Should Learn With Us?

We are a team of experts with years of experience in various aspect of agribusiness ranging from livestock, poultry and vegetative farming. We are not only experts in production but we have experts who run their own business, with years of experience in processing, marketing and agribusiness management. We have got you covered in every area of interest.

Besides the opportunity of being trained by CEOs and entrepreneurs who are already doing what you desire to do, you get access to the following:

  • One year free consultations and mentorship
  • Access to our exclusive membership group
  • We will work with you from the start of your agribusiness till the end of the production cycle which includes the marketing and selling of your produce.
  • Production cycle here is for 366 days, which means that we are ready to hold your hands towards success for 366 days which is enough time to make you proficient in your business.
  • Access to lifetime updates on any our agribusiness eBook
  • Access to real life farm activities for better emulation and replication
  • Grow and build your knowledge base and network with experts and agribusiness enthusiast just like you. Also discover professional opportunities and upcoming agribusiness related events
  • Access to resources that you can use directly into your agribusiness to reduce risk and maximize profit

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Redorion Agribusiness School offers you the opportunity to start and grow your agribusiness without the fear of failing. If having access to our mentors program sounds like a great idea to you then quickly go through our dynamic list of experts:


Abdullahi Mohammed Sidi

Expertise: Cat Fish Agribusiness| Cassava Farm Production and Management

Akpomdaye Onome Kelly

Expertise: Broiler Farming Agribusiness| Cassava Farm Production and Management| Cassava Processing (Majors on Starch Manufacturing)| Sales and Marketing Strategist